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The Washington Post

Snapchat Discover

Designing for Snapchat

Since August 2017, I have been working as a designer at The Washington Post as part of the emerging news products team. I am one of three people who designs and animates stories for The Post's Snapchat Discover channel. Snapchat Discover is a relatively new platform that tells stories in a highly visual way and engages a very young audience.

The Post publishes a Discover story five days a week, and each story contains a combination of "top snaps" (self-contained story summaries) and "longforms" (snaps with a swipe-up function that contains a full story or video). Throughout the day, we update our live story with breaking news as necessary.

Below, you can find a collection of my favorite snaps I've created so far.


Here's a collection of some stand-alone news topsnaps I have created. My role for these is to conceptualize the story and illustrate and animate the design for each snap.


Most days, we start the edition out with a stringer, or a group of connected top snaps that either contain the full story or tease to a longform. I design 3-4 of these a week, creating my own photo illustrations and selecting music to create a cohesive experience leading into each story.

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